© David E. Spry


It is very difficult to see the forest from inside it.  It is difficult to step back from the fight to make a battle field assessment.  The macro view must be objective, dispassionate, analytical, and unbiased.  Objective truth does not take sides or serve an agenda. Once the forest is known, the battle field assessed, and the situational truth recognized, enter the forest with purpose and engage in focused battle with passion to achieve the most honorable agenda. 


Doctor Martin Luther King had a dream.  He dreamed of a day when character not color is what matters most.  Doctor King was an educated articulate man of character.  Because of the success of the most bigoted scam ever pulled on a people, those black Americans who have achieved Doctor King’s dream, are often called house slaves.


We moved to the south from Washington State fifteen years ago.  Our children were soon coming home from school with strange stories.  One son said that the teacher corrected his English but did not correct black students. He asked the teacher why he was corrected and the black students were not, the teacher replied:  “The way they speak, is their black heritage.”  We later questioned the teacher ourselves and got the same answer with the qualification that she did not wish to offend her black students. This is the bigoted scam.  Ebonics is a direct result of the law against the education of slaves. Ebonics is slave heritage not black heritage.  There are no African Englishmen, African Frenchmen.  If we call England or France we cannot tell the race of the person who answers the phone.  Ebonics is the last segregation standing in the way of Doctor Martin Luther King’s dream; that and the unreasonable prejudges against speaking English properly which is portrayed in the black community as trying to be white.


There is no white language.  There is only proper and improper speech.  It is the same in every country no matter where.  There is proper Spanish in Spain, proper English in England, proper German in Germany, and proper English in America for all that seek success through education.  Doctor King’s dream rings true for every people; that is how we know it is true.  Pull back from the woods and see the forest for what it is.  Declare independence from all prejudges. Do not fight for the color of your skin but for equal education and truth.  Make Doctor Martin Luther King’s dream, a reality for yourself and your children no matter what race you are.   


Who is the defender of Ebonics?  Who calls ignorant speech, born from forced ignorance, black heritage which is really a deadly insult to intelligent black people?  Who is it that fights in the name of equal rights for black Americans with the narrow focus of skin color which is opposed to Doctor King’s dream!  What group of people has the hidden agenda of keeping the races linguistically segregated?   Judge this tree by its fruit.  I would not put an expectant mother and her unborn baby in the shade of this tree. I would not trust it with my heritage.  Its shade is darkness and oppression in the name of false personal liberty.  The fruit of this tree is death.  The self proclaimed enlightened who water this tree believe that Christian morals are fantasy.  They recognize only the natural plane on which humans are just smart animals.


The reason that history repeats itself is: in each age a new group, of enlightened “modern” people, appears that believes that it is better and somehow above common humanity.  They believe that they are above their own human nature and therefore enlightened.  Human nature has not changed.  The enlightened fool themselves.  Corruption, homosexuality, and weak family structure through out history has preceded the fall of great nations; it is no longer politically correct to make such a statement.    This was taught up until the 1960s.  So history ignored, will repeat itself again.

       If you hear a pro abortion person say “May God Bless America.”  Say a prayer for them because having eyes they can not see; they know not what they do and WHO they mock to seem righteous to voters.  


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