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It is very difficult to see the forest from inside it.  It is difficult to step back from the fight to make a battle field assessment.  The macro view must be objective, dispassionate, analytical, and unbiased.  Objective truth does not take sides or serve an agenda. Once the forest is known, the battle field assessed, and the situational truth recognized, enter the forest with purpose and engage in focused battle with passion to achieve the most honorable agenda. 


Doctor Martin Luther King had a dream.  He dreamed of a day when character not color is what matters most.  Doctor King was an educated articulate man of character.  Because of the success of the most bigoted scam ever pulled on a people, those black Americans who have achieved Doctor King’s dream, are often called house slaves.


We moved to the south from Washington State fifteen years ago.  Our children were soon coming home from school with strange stories.  One son said that the teacher corrected his English but did not correct black students. He asked the teacher why he was corrected and the black students were not, the teacher replied:  “The way they speak, is their black heritage.”  We later questioned the teacher ourselves and got the same answer with the qualification that she did not wish to offend her black students. This is the bigoted scam.  Ebonics is a direct result of the law against the education of slaves. Ebonics is slave heritage not black heritage.  There are no African Englishmen, African Frenchmen.  If we call England or France we cannot tell the race of the person who answers the phone.  Ebonics is the last segregation standing in the way of Doctor Martin Luther King’s dream; that and the unreasonable prejudges against speaking English properly which is portrayed in the black community as trying to be white.


There is no white language.  There is only proper and improper speech.  It is the same in every country no matter where.  There is proper Spanish in Spain, proper English in England, proper German in Germany, and proper English in America for all that seek success through education.  Doctor King’s dream rings true for every people; that is how we know it is true.  Pull back from the woods and see the forest for what it is.  Declare independence from all prejudges. Do not fight for the color of your skin but for equal education and truth.  Make Doctor Martin Luther King’s dream, a reality for yourself and your children no matter what race you are.   


Who is the defender of Ebonics?  Who calls ignorant speech, born from forced ignorance, black heritage which is really a deadly insult to intelligent black people?  Who is it that fights in the name of equal rights for black Americans with the narrow focus of skin color which is opposed to Doctor King’s dream!  What group of people has the hidden agenda of keeping the races linguistically segregated?   Judge this tree by its fruit.  I would not put an expectant mother and her unborn baby in the shade of this tree. I would not trust it with my heritage.  Its shade is darkness and oppression in the name of false personal liberty.  The fruit of this tree is death.  The self proclaimed enlightened who water this tree believe that Christian morals are fantasy.  They recognize only the natural plane on which humans are just smart animals.


The reason that history repeats itself is: in each age a new group, of enlightened “modern” people, appears that believes that it is better and somehow above common humanity.  They believe that they are above their own human nature and therefore enlightened.  Human nature has not changed.  The enlightened fool themselves.  Corruption, homosexuality, and weak family structure through out history has preceded the fall of great nations; it is no longer politically correct to make such a statement.    This was taught up until the 1960s.  So history ignored, will repeat itself again.

       If you hear a pro abortion person say “May God Bless America.”  Say a prayer for them because having eyes they can not see; they know not what they do and WHO they mock to seem righteous to voters.  



                                                                                                   © David E. Spry


Roe vs. Wade is an Eminent Domain ruling.  The right of privacy, to justify abortion, is the right of personal eminent domain. The King of England claimed the colonies as well as England as his own personal eminent domain.  The Declaration of Independence was a declaration of independence from eminent domain declaring that all men are equal.     


The United States is polarized.  The cause of this polarization is the two conflicting views of where rights come from.  Up until the 1950s the dominant view was: rights come from nature (Natural Law).  Each individual has permanent individual rights. Government can never be more then a refection of the individual and has no greater rights then the individual.


The individual has a personal right of self defense which is reflected in every level of government. City police, county police, state police, federal police, and ultimately the armed forces are extensions of individual rights.  Government exists at the consent of the governed. Individuals always retain original fundamental rights as endowed by nature; even the right to overthrow any government that becomes oppressive. The right of self protection is delegated at every level of Government without loss of the individual right of self defense.  This view of America was taught in American History in Junior High when I was in school.


The other view is: rights come from group consensus.  Rights are whatever the majority agrees that they should be.  Rights change as a refection of the group will.  We can see this theory in action in Palestine and Iran. In Palestine the minority protests violently and in Iran the majority is silent.

Recently, New Orleans bulldozed private homes within its incorporated body.  Imagine a reporter asking New Orleans officials about the incident:

Reporter, “New Orleans is accused of bulldozing homes without owner notification.” 

Official, “We have only bulldozed buildings unsuitable for habitation.”                 Reporter, “Property owners feel that this is an arbitrary destruction of their personal property.  Aren’t personal property rights important to the City of New Orleans?”  

Official, “We, as the head of the incorporated body of New Orleans, must make hard decisions; there is no evidence that a single soul resided in any of the domiciles that we bulldozed.”


The recent Supreme Court decision in favor of Eminent Domain came as a surprise to some.  This ruling, which is a logical next step, should surprise no one.

Roe vs. Wade was an Eminent Domain ruling and a judicial creation of a new individual right.  It follows that if an individual has the right to exercise eminent domain over her own body that any incorporated body (as a reflection of individual rights) has the same right.  The right of privacy, to justify abortion, is the right of personal eminent domain.  States could logically claim eminent domain. Could you imagine the Governor of the State of Louisiana arbitrarily picking a spot of higher ground for the city of New Orleans?


Government, at all levels, is a reflection of individual rights. If the Supreme Court follows its logic and precedent it must determine that New Orleans, being in the domain of the State of Louisiana, would have to move. What if the Executive Branch of The Federal Government claimed eminent domain over the oil fields of Alaska?  The Supreme Court has started down a dangerous line of reasoning and precedent that is absolutely contrary to the Declaration of Independence.


The King of England claimed the colonies as well as England and everyone in it as his own personal eminent domain.  The Declaration of Independence was a declaration of independence from eminent domain declaring that all men are created equal.  Government can never claim eminent domain; to do so is to claim dominion over its subjects.  To set aside land or delegate the exercise of personal rights by designated departments of government must be a reflection of the will of the people not enacted by arbitrary command.


We are shocked that a Muslim father could cut the throat of any family member that brings him shame.  The Muslim man claims that traditional Muslim law has given him the right.  Under Muslim law, he has eminent domain over his family. When the Muslim extremist sees America he sees a land where a woman has the right to kill any unborn baby that shames her; where abortion and pornography is liberty.  Both the American woman and the Muslim man can say in unison:  “What I do is legal under my law”!


                                                                                                                      ©David E. Spry


The inner workings of the brain, shrouded through out the ages, are being brought to light through the work of brain science.  The brain scientists now have the tools to map brain function and identify the specific parts of the brain that are most active during a particular activity.  Brain science is quickly demystifying human intelligence.  Brain scientists are referring to philosophers and their work with increasing scorn.  The logical extrapolation of this trend is that brain scientists will soon announce that they have scientific proof that mankind has no soul.  Mankind is a collection of intelligent animals.


This belief is the basic premise of the Neo-Enlightened extreme left.  Mankind is a collection of intelligent animals; is the basic premise from which the statement: “Christian morality and ethics are fantasy.” is justified.  This is the gulf in understanding and the fundamental source of polarity in America.  This interpretation of brain science may be the mother of the Goth movement and the high suicide rates in the European Union.  This interpretation of brain science is the black heart of Marxist Socialism.


The findings of science do not contradict the Christian Religion.  Science will never contradict the Christian religion.  We are dust and to dust we will return; clearly states that we have a physical nature, we are flesh.  It is our being that is dynamic.


In order for anything to be dynamic and stable a minimum of three reference points are necessary.  The number of directions possible for a one legged stool to fall are innumerable. Simply by adding one leg (making two) the possibilities are reduced to two general directions. By adding a third leg, stability is reached, even on uneven ground.  An ant is an intellectual one legged stool.  A higher mammal is an intellectual two legged stool. 


A human is a three legged stool with three adjustable legs made up of a complex righteous center (center of belief and foundation of personal reality), an emotional center crowned by a center of the will (or conscious awareness) that weighs, balances, and chooses between the tenants of the righteous center and the demands of the emotional center. This center of the will is not emotional but may be swayed by emotion.  The legs are extendable and retractable because the will may retract the emotional leg and extend the leg of the will or, to its detriment, retract the leg of the righteous center. (The compromise of ones ethics to achieve a goal)


Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness….”  The Son of Man revealed that The Godhead is One God in Three Persons. Christ revealed that the Godhead has a dynamic ongoing interior life.  If mankind is created in the image of God then it follows that mankind possess the three corresponding centers necessary to achieve dynamic image and likeness.


The human righteous center corresponds to the Father. The center of the will corresponds to the Son; who chose obedience to the Father even unto death on a cross.  The center of emotion, which is intuitive and childlike and the seat of love, corresponds to the Holy Spirit. 


It is of the highest importance for individuals to be true to themselves as Jesus pointed out in His statement about the need to be hot or cold but not lukewarm.  Lukewarm indicates a fundamental erosion of the righteous center caused by compromise for empty gain. 


Jesus came to set us free from the natural state of our existence, as limited by our flesh and the Natural Law, and to assure us that we are not alone in being but are sparks struck off the Source of Being, Who we call our Father.  What ever the findings of science as to the physical workings of mankind whether in the science of the brain or other specialty; we can still rely on the fact that we are: dust and to dust we will return. It is not the shape and form of our bodies or the micro workings of our wet neural net work (brain) that is created in the image and likeness of God but rather the triune mind which the fleshy nature projects.  The very fact that an organ, however created, has come into material existence with the capability of projecting awareness with the ability to effect the material universe is in itself miraculous.  We should always remember that the NAME (indicating essence) of our God is I AM WHO AM.