I had studied to be a Roman Catholic Priest for four years. I Was a Submarine Service, Army Reserve, National Guard, a Drill Sgt. I belonged to the Third order of St. Francis, The Militia Christe, Oblates of Holy Tradition, and  Patristic Theology.  I have served in Afghanistan OEF. 

   Ninshinob is Ojibwe slang for Nin Anishinaabe or I of the Origional People.  I have always strived to remain outside the box in my thinking.  For example: “Every single word is a little law unto itself.”  Words are only understandable in context as the power of law abides only in the spirit in which it was written.  The letter of the law without the origional spirit is empty an carries no moral weight as words out of context may carry a twisted meaning. 

 “The Law of Isolation” is about the most ignored but basic and obvious condition of every human and the true cause of which the Natural Law is its effect.  The poetry and other posts come from the logic of “The Law of Isolation”, “Didactic Correspondance” and “The Power of Religion”.

   Let me know if any of the Logic is Invalid (smile)  Dave


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