Judicial Fail

The following is not political. [Not taking the side of one political party against another.] It has to do with the enemy of America within. This is an attempt to explain the polarity in America and why we are perceived as hypocritical by other nations. It is a matter of Cause and Effect. I wish to point out the Cause.


The Founding Fathers of our great nation had a unique insight into the fundamental nature of governments and human nature. The purpose of the Founding Fathers was to create a nation based on those insights, that they had recognized that apply to all humanity whom individually and collectively are endowed and possess inherent rights endowed before the establishment of governments. [Endowed by the creator]


The government established by the Founding Fathers exists to protect these rights. To this end they wrote the constitution and bill of rights. The function of the Judiciary is not so much to the Letter of the Law as to guarding the spirit and intentions of the Founding Fathers and insuring that the Law reflects those principles on which our great nation was founded.


Many in the judiciary are enemies of the constitution because they have turned away from the spirit of the law in proclaiming by judicial action that it is a “living” document subject to political “evolution” therefore just a piece of paper on which if they change the wording they think (falsely) that they can change our rights. They are traitors to the insight and intentions of the Founding Fathers.


Laws based on the Natural Law (which we hear nothing about these days) carry moral weight. When it becomes more moral to disobey the law of a land then to obey it that nation will either morph into an evil empire or crumble in internal conflict and weakness inviting attack from without. This is the lesson of History that repeats itself because of leaders that feel themselves above the lessons of the past.


People in every age believe themselves to be “modern” and somehow more advanced than those before them. Through vaporous reasoning and empty philosophies we make the same mistakes and take the same path of nations that have fallen one after the other in the ages before our own. It still remains true that rampant corruption [that decimates the cellular traditional family unit] in every instance proceeds the fall of nations.


We are in a position where we cannot understand why other nations seem to have little respect for us. Let’s see what other nations see and perceive when they observe our nation. Out of one side of our national mouth comes the word “May God Bless America” very sincerely. Simultaneously, the other side of the national mouth spits on the Creator. With one hand we hold out “Liberty” [The Creators greatest gift to humanity] to the nations.

With the other hand our judiciary holds out homosexuality and abortion as rights endowed by the creator?


Across our “great” nation it is a felony to abuse a pet yet at the same time it is lawful for mothers to abort their own children. Once conception takes place a woman is a mother even if willfully she becomes a mother of a dead baby. Suicide rates among mothers who have aborted are six times higher than mothers who have given live birth. America has also tied foreign aid to birth control and abortion rights thereby spreading corruption around the world. We have our own brand of sharia law except that it is the women who hold the right of life or death over offspring that dishonor them while on the other side of the coin; Muslin men have the right of life or death [honor killing] over their families. Both can say, “I have the right according to my law.” Of course muslin men are horrified at us for getting it so backward that they call America “The Great Satan.”




This nation was built like a three legged stool. All three legs need to carry their weight for the nation to remain stable. We need to recognize as a nation the rotten condition of the Judicial Leg of Government. The letter of the Law is worthless and empty without honest adherence to the spirit in which it was originally written. We have no need of a Supreme Judiciary that overturns the laws enacted according to the will of the people according to some yet unwritten code of political correctness which is an oxymoron of epic proportion.



“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.” Ayn Rand

The obvious is the most ignored by the learned. Our brains are set up in two poles. We have assigned different values and attributes to the two sides of the brain to help identify their separate functions. One side analytical the other intuitive. One side cold (unemotional) the other hot (emotional). We have the Sciences and the Arts, Physics and Poetry. Sounds like we have a built in dynamic that may do work?

When we do work or build something, a poem or a building, it is for a purpose. That purpose rises from the dynamic interaction of both sides of the human mind. We run into difficulties whenever we isolate (polarize) either side from the other. For example: Sex without love. The Law without the Spirit of the law.

The greatest precedent of the Constitution is the Spirit and intent in which the founders wrote it. All the legal precedents set by Supreme Court Judges through out the years based on the letter of the Law, the original intent ignored, is unconstitutional.

© David E. Spry 30 July 2010


                                                                                                           © David E. Spry


There is danger in thinking of new things in old ways.  There is danger in thinking of old things that have new applications in the old way.  Thirty years ago some people still used old tube radios.  My father used to go out to his workroom every night and tune in a country radio station broadcasting out of Bakersfield California.  He could only pick the signal up at night.  People talked constantly on citizen band radio and listened to the world on short wave radios.  Most everyone owned a scanner and listened to the various police bands.  The police back then spoke in the clear (without code) and everyone with a scanner knew who the police stopped and where the domestic squabbles were.


When did radio become a secure and protected form of communication?  I remember       picking up phone conversations on my scanner. The most memorable conversation was between a lady and her mother.  The lady had proof that her husband was cheating.  She explained to her mother that she had drained their joint bank accounts. With all her husbands’ credit cards in hand she was joining up with her mother to go on a shopping spree to max them out.  The lady probably heard her husband talking to his significant other on her own scanner.


The point is that a cell phone is a radio. Our mistake is that we still talk on it like the   signal goes through wires rather then broadcasted into space.  Once broadcast, no one can claim sole possession of the signal; it belongs to the universe.  Actually, the signal becomes available to the rest of the world.    Since when has the hobby of tuning in and listening to radio signals been against the law?  Does calling a radio transmitter a phone give the radio signal special rights?  It seems impossible to demand privacy when making radio broadcasts.  


When the government listens in we call it electronic surveillance.  To call electronic surveillance wire tapping is like calling changing your tire-shoeing your horse.  The government may not listen in to domestic communications but we think nothing of them monitoring foreign communications.  What is keeping foreign nations from monitoring us?  We are a foreign nation from their perspective.


We have all heard of industrial espionage.  The NSA is a government agency.  It is common knowledge that government projects go to the lowest bidder.  Anything that the government can do the private sector can do better.  I bet that they can even keep a secret.  How many industrial secrets have been lost simply because an executive, engineer, or researcher does not think “radio” when talking on a cell phone?  Just because we call it: phone, does not mean that the signal is securely contained in a wire.  If you think that the signal broadcast from your cell phone is too sophisticated to monitor how is it that you can call any phone number in the world and have your call answered?  What ever is scrambled must be unscrambled.


There is always a trade off in everything we do.  If we shop at a convenience store we will pay higher prices then if we go to a grocery store.  Cell phones are very convenient and inexpensive because cell phones are radios.  The cell phone user doesn’t have to pay for miles of wire and telephone poles and their upkeep. The cell phone user also gives up the security of wire and with it the legal enforceable protection against wire tapping. A foreign nation or business would have to physically enter the United States to wire tap a land line.


The things we said on our cell phone fifteen years ago are now fifteen light-years away and still going.  I imagine that they are spreading out and mixing with other cell phone signals.  Eventually the signals will all blend together and become space noise.  Somewhere in the galaxy there may be other intelligent beings also searching for evidence of intelligent life in the universe.  Eventually, what you say on your cell phone will be secure when one far off alien says, “Have you found any intelligent life in the universe?” and the other replies, “No, only the same old space noise.”   On the other hand they may say, “You go girl. Spend all his money!”


                                                                                                                      ©David E. Spry


The inner workings of the brain, shrouded through out the ages, are being brought to light through the work of brain science.  The brain scientists now have the tools to map brain function and identify the specific parts of the brain that are most active during a particular activity.  Brain science is quickly demystifying human intelligence.  Brain scientists are referring to philosophers and their work with increasing scorn.  The logical extrapolation of this trend is that brain scientists will soon announce that they have scientific proof that mankind has no soul.  Mankind is a collection of intelligent animals.


This belief is the basic premise of the Neo-Enlightened extreme left.  Mankind is a collection of intelligent animals; is the basic premise from which the statement: “Christian morality and ethics are fantasy.” is justified.  This is the gulf in understanding and the fundamental source of polarity in America.  This interpretation of brain science may be the mother of the Goth movement and the high suicide rates in the European Union.  This interpretation of brain science is the black heart of Marxist Socialism.


The findings of science do not contradict the Christian Religion.  Science will never contradict the Christian religion.  We are dust and to dust we will return; clearly states that we have a physical nature, we are flesh.  It is our being that is dynamic.


In order for anything to be dynamic and stable a minimum of three reference points are necessary.  The number of directions possible for a one legged stool to fall are innumerable. Simply by adding one leg (making two) the possibilities are reduced to two general directions. By adding a third leg, stability is reached, even on uneven ground.  An ant is an intellectual one legged stool.  A higher mammal is an intellectual two legged stool. 


A human is a three legged stool with three adjustable legs made up of a complex righteous center (center of belief and foundation of personal reality), an emotional center crowned by a center of the will (or conscious awareness) that weighs, balances, and chooses between the tenants of the righteous center and the demands of the emotional center. This center of the will is not emotional but may be swayed by emotion.  The legs are extendable and retractable because the will may retract the emotional leg and extend the leg of the will or, to its detriment, retract the leg of the righteous center. (The compromise of ones ethics to achieve a goal)


Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness….”  The Son of Man revealed that The Godhead is One God in Three Persons. Christ revealed that the Godhead has a dynamic ongoing interior life.  If mankind is created in the image of God then it follows that mankind possess the three corresponding centers necessary to achieve dynamic image and likeness.


The human righteous center corresponds to the Father. The center of the will corresponds to the Son; who chose obedience to the Father even unto death on a cross.  The center of emotion, which is intuitive and childlike and the seat of love, corresponds to the Holy Spirit. 


It is of the highest importance for individuals to be true to themselves as Jesus pointed out in His statement about the need to be hot or cold but not lukewarm.  Lukewarm indicates a fundamental erosion of the righteous center caused by compromise for empty gain. 


Jesus came to set us free from the natural state of our existence, as limited by our flesh and the Natural Law, and to assure us that we are not alone in being but are sparks struck off the Source of Being, Who we call our Father.  What ever the findings of science as to the physical workings of mankind whether in the science of the brain or other specialty; we can still rely on the fact that we are: dust and to dust we will return. It is not the shape and form of our bodies or the micro workings of our wet neural net work (brain) that is created in the image and likeness of God but rather the triune mind which the fleshy nature projects.  The very fact that an organ, however created, has come into material existence with the capability of projecting awareness with the ability to effect the material universe is in itself miraculous.  We should always remember that the NAME (indicating essence) of our God is I AM WHO AM.