No Change Without Confrontation

There is no Change without Confrontation


   Newtons First Law of Motion describes how an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an outside force; an object in motion will remain in motion (direction and speed) unless acted upon by an outside force.   This Law of Motion also applies to human nature.  After I graduated from Army Drill Sgt. School it dawned on me that:


Confrontation  can range from direct “life threating” (the most effective in causing change) to “self motivation” (the least effective). 

The fun is just starting because The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that (in an isolated system) entropy increases until everything is more or less equal.

   Entropy is a level playing field.  Entropy has no frame of reference.  Entropy has nothing to communicate. (First Law of Thermodynamics) Energy is never lost.  The whole is always equal to the sum of the parts.

   Communication is a vector that is caused by dynamic difference.  Difference when related to entropy can not be expressed as a positive or negative because such cancel each other out and no energy is ever canceled out.  

   In order to achieve dynamic action/work/communication three reference points are necessary.  Time (rate of change) space (material objects/ideas) space time (specific location in time) 

   Work/action/communication is not a movement from positive to negative or high to low but rather a vector across time and space that carries recognizable difference which has a unique value seen in reference to background entropy.

    I thought that when a difference is high then entropy is low.  Entropy is high when things are smooth and flat….    Entropy is low when water is hot in one place and cold in another (communication is high because we can recognize hot from cold) but when they mix they become luke warm or flat this relates to communication because flat/mixed up/ (no frame of reference) = noise or no communication.  

    Everything tends to entropy that is to mix. But because of expanding universe and a constant forward vector (enabling space time) there is constant change which produces opportunities for the formation and continuation of difference.  Or to put it a different way if the universe was not expanding then entropy would eventually rule and there would be a flat timeless unchanging noise.

So it is a universal principle that everything is a vector…   The moon can’t fall into the earth because the earth keeps moving out of the way.  The earth can’t fall into the sun because the sun moves out of the way and the solar system can’t fall into the super black hole in the center of the galaxy because the black hole keeps moving out of the way. 

..Therefore: There is no change without confrontation…

..Therefore: (On a social level ) Politicial Correctness = Entropy..

On a religious Level Luke-warm = Entropy


Law of Isolation

 David E. Spry 2006

Law of Isolation 

Ad Mejorem Dei Gloriam

All human activity is a response to the state of personal isolation.


Every human being is fundamentally and essentially alone.  This state gives rise to the sense of:  me and other.  Individuals, unwilling to face and internalize this fundamental state of being, are driven to form groups which share commonality and a shared sense of isolation (rarely verbalized) stated as: us and them. This holds true for all group identity from basic family, religious, ethnic, communal, regional, and national identity.


The first awareness is an awareness of (self) me and other   the greatest need beyond immediate needs (to breathe, satisfy thirst, stay warm, to sleep etc.) is to be touched or not isolated.  Every individual will carry this innate aversion to isolation for an entire lifetime.


Primitive (tribal) societies viewed isolation as an ultimate punishment, expressed as outcast, banished, where in an individual is ostracized. The community says to the individual: “You are dead to us.” Modern penal systems still use Isolation as a punishment.


When the infant begins to take in data from the surrounding environment, the wet neural network begins its initial programming. The individual forms a data base from which it will measure the world around it.  For good reason, this data base is named, The Righteous Center. All data identified as true or real will be entered into the individuals’ Righteous Center which will become the firm ground of reality for that individual.


The word, righteous may carry a connotation of religious to some but even an atheist will righteously assert, “One plus one equal’s two!” The explanation of righteous is: being grounded in truth or proclaimed with the certainty of truth.   The righteous center equates truth with reality whether objective or subjective.


The sense of self begins in a state of limbo, it is, but has only sensory input on which to focus the attention. When the Righteous Center grows, the individual gains a basis of reality and with it a ruler with which to deliberately measure the world.  The child remains a literalist employing natural logic deduced in the righteous center from observation of cause and effect.


Initial programming is done by the parents, the main programmers, who may be unaware of their power and the lasting effect they have on their children who, at least initially, tend to believe everything communicated to them by those whom they believe, love them or appear to know “things.”  Grandparents, uncles, aunts, then teachers, and television provide data that is processed through the righteous center. Social training is done and often reinforced through the practical application of various forms of isolation: time out or being put in a corner.  This sends the message that “this behavior will result in social ostracization.”  This fear of being left out is great enough to teach “sharing” which is a most unnatural act to a self-centered child.

    Not all data are entered into the righteous center. The function of this center is to weigh data for content (truth) against what it has already established as righteous. Nothing goes in without this subconscious, nihil obstat, (No obstruction or nothing against what is already firmly believed) Once data has been screened and accepted it becomes part of the data base and will be used to judge further input. Data that does not fit is still stored in the memory for further or future reference. It may or may not be accessible to the conscious mind but may be found useful to the intuitive process as the young mind matures. 


Intuition has been defined as: Ideas that are arrived at without rational thought.  The word, rational carries the understanding that it is a conscious application of reason and logic.  It can not be assumed that because the intuitive process is hidden from the conscious mind that it is not a logical process. The process of intuition is one of forming visualization by the means of connecting wide-ranging data into inter-dependant relationships. This is not a haphazard process but must first meet whatever criterion that exists in the righteous center before it is presented to the conscious mind.

Einstein would never have arrived at the Theory of Relativity (which depended to a great extent on his intuitive process) if his intuitive process used some different criteria then his conscious mind. The subconscious is filled with unproven hypotheses in need of more data to pass a test of tenability universally imposed by the Righteous Center before presentation to the conscious mind.

The value of intuitive thought is directly proportional to the quality of the internalized logic used by and individuals’ righteous center and the veracity of individual facts.


Intuitive thought is hidden inductive reasoning and a process of establishing interdependent relationships between known facts to be presented to the conscious mind in holistic form.

When Individuals can face the profound fact that they are fundamentally alone then there is no basis for blaming others.  Each individual must assume ultimate responsibility for ones’ own life; that is to say, the quality of that which makes up personal reality.  The assumption, that all the important fundamental thinking has already been done and all that remains is to learn what is taught; is subject to review.  The righteous center can be modified by overwhelming evidence that previously held beliefs are false or incomplete.  This we call an epiphany or a moment of sudden and great revelation that restructures our subjective reality.


The Righteous Center in each individual provides that individual with a ruler or measure, with which to measure the world. It must be recognized that this is ultimately the measure of self. For example, if you were to tell me how you would torture a hated enemy you would really be revealing your greatest fears. This simple truism explains why a thief jealously guards his possessions. A cheater loses the capacity to trust but the innocent spouse is last to know.  A false accuser reveals his own goals and priorities.


We measure the world around us with the measure of ourselves. Knowing this with the help of the law of Isolation we can take the measure of others because with every act or opinion (especially emotional) self is revealed.  It is possible to recognize the measure of others not by our judgment of them personally but by recognition of how they judge.


Troubles arise when any group has an exaggerated sense of us and them to the extent that it becomes the driving force of the group and puts them in contention with other groups. This can be plainly seen in extremist groups whether radical Muslim, Neo Nazi, The KKK, and so on.   No matter what the group is or how mild or radical they have one thing in common.  Within each group, the members share the same basic premises within their individual Righteous Centers. They share within the group the same subjective reality and measure of the world.  The more divergent and isolated a group is from the main stream the more threatened they feel.                                                                                                                                                                      


Homosexuals are an example of a group that diverges from the main stream.  The homosexual suffers a sense of isolation (of self) from the majority of humanity which is compounded in the formation of a homosexual group. This results in a disproportional group need for acceptance by or inclusion into the main stream. Driven by the need for inclusion and acceptance, the group further distances itself from the majority of humanity (heterosexual) by its willingness to employ any means to force acceptance. 


Heterosexual society, resists this homosexual intrusion into its sense of group self.  The sense of other is not in itself a condemnation but recognition of fundamental differences.   On the other hand the homosexual group feels this resistance to be ostracization, hateful, and judgmental because the message it infers is: “Time out, go to the corner.” or “You are other.” or “You are dead to us.”


Many countries and their respective governments are faced with minority problems. Governments faced with minority dissatisfaction, unrest, and claims of discrimination have offered many benefits and services to no avail. Not only the cause of unrest but also the failure of offered benefits (means to integrate) can be understood as a function of the minority group’s view of integration as loss of group identity.  Because such groups are in the minority they feel isolated and even though they are offered the means to join the majority remain isolated by choice. As with any group they would prefer that all other groups join theirs.


Social Science now has a Law of Isolation, a valid definition of intuitive thought, the identification of the Righteous Center and has shown that human judgment rises out of the individuals’ personal measure.  Any attempted adjustment to an individual is an attempt to adjust that individuals’ sense of reality.


The Law of Isolation has many implications for the individual as well as Social Science, Education, Economics, and Communication itself.


The Law of Isolation does not contradict the findings of Social Science to date. The Social Sciences armed with the Law of Isolation (recognizing cause) is able to construct truly scientific methods with which to measure the secondary cause (individual makeup of the righteous center) and effect. The same tools already in use remain valid and vital such as the methods of psychology and psychiatry but applied to identify the building blocks (underling structure) that make up a patients or a groups’ reality with the end in mind of causing an epiphany not by luck but by applied scientific method.


    The Law of Isolation makes possible new scientific applications to statistical studies.

The gathering of statistics, however scientifically compiled, has resulted in lists of facts and effects.  The Law of Isolation when applied to this great body of data should result in scientific (mathematical formulas) to express: divergence factor, rate of divergence and perhaps a threshold identified (Sum of differences from dominant society.) which when crossed, results in violence. In every instance of deadly school violence in America where a student or students have carefully made and executed a plan to kill fellow students and teachers in their school, perceived ostracization was found to be the root cause.


Thought is not simply rational (an aware application of logic) or intuitive but a mixture of both. In mathematics the number one has a clearly assigned value. What is the assigned value of a simple word such as ant? Books could be written about an ant and the mind flooded with associations dealing with the term, ant. Ant is classified as an insect. If the question was posed: Which does not fit?  (Fly, Ant, Spider, Butterfly) the answer is Spider because fly, ant, and butterfly are classified as insects the spider is an arachnid.  Although Spider is the correct answer it should be pointed out that the individual fly, spider, butterfly are solitary and personally responsible to survive and mate in order to continue their species.  The butterfly has a unique life cycle. The ant on the other hand is a sterile female that gathers food in cooperation with others to support a nest; personal survival is unimportant to the survival of the species. The above question tests knowledge of classification. The root question is never really addressed; the intellect is stopped from further inquiry having found a ready made answer.  Words both define and limit possibility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Although math is pure logic, a poor choice of words by a scientist to describe or assign meaning to mathematical results (if universally accepted) could stop scientific progress.  For example, the term world was once defined as flat. The world remained flat for centuries because it was accepted as a universal truth. This is the same as saying, part of the foundation of the collective reality of the time. A change in universal truth is always righteously resisted. The righteous center objects strongly to any attempt to change the data upon which it has established and built up an individuals’ subjective reality which is further strengthened as part of a group identity.                 

Quantum physics has shown that virtual space is full of virtual particles which are described as popping in and out of existence; it has been further said that space should be full of virtual foam.  The conclusion has been reached that quantum physics has failed to reveal a unified theory. Perhaps the failure is really in words or description of what the math shows. The translation of math to words is from simple to complex no matter how complex the math. Perhaps virtual particles appear and disappear (from view) indicating the discovery of a third state of energy. Perhaps a virtual particle that appears and disappears is a form of energy on the verge of precipitating into mass once again.  Scientists need to take as much care in the translation of math to words as they do with working the math itself.  (The above statement is a comment on word usage. I do not claim an advanced  mathematical background.)

It has always been recognized that the study of Latin (and Greek) has the effect of shaping minds. (Greek is still Greek to me.) Latin, because of its basic structure and complicated word agreement (compared to English) of tense, number, gender and possible verb placement fine tunes the Righteous Centers’ criteria to withhold judgment until all the facts are in.


The Natural Law on which western civilization is built was deduced from the effects produced in human nature by the Natural Law of Isolation.


The Righteous Center is but one of the three centers of the mind. In order for anything to be dynamic and stable a minimum of three reference points are necessary.  I will use the example of a stool.  The number of directions possible for a one legged stool to fall are innumerable. Simply by adding one leg (making two) the possibilities are reduced to two general directions. By adding a third leg stability is reached even on uneven ground. 

An ant is an intellectual one legged stool. We assign the term, instinct to the ant to describe its actions; what it has is a simplified righteous center.  A higher mammal is a two legged stool in that it has a more developed righteous center and an emotional center.  Mankind is a three legged stool with three adjustable legs made up of a complex righteous center, an emotional center crowned by a center of the will (or conscious awareness) that weighs, balances, and chooses between the tenants of the righteous center and the demands of the emotional center. This center of the will is not emotional but may be swayed by emotion.  The legs are extendable and retractable because the will may retract the emotional leg and extend the leg of the will or, to its detriment, retract the leg of the righteous center. (The compromise of ones ethics to achieve a goal)




The Natural Law of Isolation and its tenants do not contradict the Christian religion.


Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness….  The teachings of the Son of Man revealed that The Godhead is One God in Three Persons. Christ through His teachings has revealed to mankind that the Godhead has a dynamic ongoing interior life.  If mankind is created in the image of God then it follows that mankind possess the three corresponding centers necessary to achieve dynamic image and likeness.


The human righteous center corresponds to the Father. The center of the will corresponds to the Son; who chose obedience to the Father even unto death on a cross.  The center of emotion, which is intuitive and childlike and the seat of love, (which we each guard zealously from harm.) corresponds to the Holy Spirit.


It is the nature of mankind, whatever the makeup of the righteous center or belief system, to moralize.  Even Marx moralized in the attempt to make the State a god.  It is of the highest importance for individuals to be true to themselves as Jesus pointed out in His statement about the need to be hot or cold but not lukewarm.  Lukewarm indicates a fundamental erosion of the righteous center caused by compromise for empty gain.  Jesus, knowing human nature, repeatedly referred to the fact that we will be judged as we judge.  That is to say that judgment, of an others interior person, is really a measurement of self. On the other hand even a child can recognize right from wrong which indicates two types of judgment.  The action, of the tearing down of another, may give the false impression of superiority but true height can not be achieved by shortening the stature of others. Thus those that count themselves great will be least and those that count themselves least will be great. Humility is the recognition of ones gifts as well as ones shortcomings; the possession of more gifts means more responsibility and is no assurance of a higher state of personal quality.


Jesus came to set us free from the natural state of our existence, as described by the Law of Isolation and the Natural Law, and to assure us that we are not alone in being but are sparks struck off the Source of Being, Who we call our Father.  What ever the findings of science as to the physical workings of mankind whether in the science of the brain or other specialty; we can still rely on the fact that we are: dust and to dust we will return. It is not the shape and form of our bodies or the micro workings of our wet neural net work that is created in the image and likeness of God but rather the triune mind which the fleshy nature projects.  The very fact that an organ, however created, has come into material existence with the capability of projecting awareness with the ability to effect the material universe is in itself miraculous.  We should always remember that the NAME (indicating essence) of our God is I AM WHO AM.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Christianity alone ties self with God, born not of the flesh but of the spirit of God through union of shared Righteous Center and Spirit with God Himself.  Christ came so that the Father may be known through the Son so that all may be one.  John 17: 21, “May they also be one, as You, Father, are in me and I am in you.  May they also be one in us, so the world may believe you sent me.”

All other religions worship God as: other, Creator, Ruler, and Judge and remain under the law and the letter of the law and blind to the Spirit of the Law.  Luke 11:52, “Woe to you experts in the law!  You have taken away the key of knowledge!  You did not go in yourselves and you hindered those who were going in.”                                                                                         

 The Law itself defines but limits possibility because it addresses actions alone.   The key of knowledge is the intuitive holistic vision in which the law is seen in context, in which the Spirit of the Law is internalized which fulfils the Law and at the same time frees one from the letter of the law. 

 Adam and Eve walked with God in the Garden of Eden. When they were forced out of the Garden they became isolated from God, and subject to the Law of Isolation.  Concupiscence is the consequence of isolation.  The angel addressed Mary as “full of grace” and said  “The Lord is with you” which is a clear statement of recognition, out of the mouth of the Angel Gabriel, that Mary suffered no isolation from God and therefore not subject to concupiscence.  





Before Vatican II many men and women entered monasteries and convents seeking to dedicate their lives to God through prayer for the church.  They wished to become contemplative which is a state in which one becomes constantly aware of the presence of God.  This was supposed to be a near impossibility for lay folk who are caught up in the distractions of the world.  Contemplation is therefore our awareness of the presence of God in us.

We are taught that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father. What do you think that He is doing there?  Is He just sitting there twitting His thumbs waiting for the last trumpet so He can come as Judge?  Jesus said that He had to go to the Father in order to prepare a place for each of us. How does he prepare a place for us?

We have many teachings in the New Testament about the union that Jesus has with his brethren; the vine and the branches is one such teaching.  Another indication is that He said that “What so ever you do to the least of my brethren that you do unto me.” Jesus identifies with His brethren.  If we help some one who is hungry, thirsty, or sick etc.  Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father says: “I am being fed, given something to drink, or tended in my illness.”  If this is true for the least of His brethren it must also be true that Jesus also says: “I am feeding the hungry. I am giving the thirsty something to drink. I am tending the sick.” For if He identifies with the receiver He must also identify with the giver if the giver is in union with Him.

This is why Jesus warned that we should go into a closet to pray because He can identify with that but cannot identify with one who prays in public in order to be thought of as holy. Christ gave us many examples and concluded. That is their reward.  This understanding also helps us to define a good work. Jesus puts the Good into good work with His identification with those that do the work but He will identify with only those that act with love or for the glory of the Father not with those who seek worldly reward by their actions.

It is through this identification of Christ with us in our lives that prepares a place for us in heaven.  Sin then is seen as any thought, motivation, or act with which He can not identify. The people in the days in which Jesus walked the earth had a particular understanding of In the Name of.  To do something in the name of meant to do it exactly like the person.  Everything that Jesus did was for the greater glory of the Father. Jesus did not come to just make rules and regulations for us to follow but rather to instill in us His priorities and vision of life.

This has been the teaching of St. Patrick and St. Francis.  In the marching song of St. Patrick called the Lorica (several verses into the song) it goes:   Christ above me, Christ below me, Christ on my right, Christ on my left, Christ behind me, Christ before me.  Christ in the eye of all who see me.  Christ in the ear of all who hear me. Christ in the minds of all who think of me. I arise today through a mighty strength, through the belief in the three-ness, a confession of the one-ness of the Creator of creation.

If we listen to the song of St. Francis we hear the same message. What so ever you do to the least of my brethren that you do unto me. “Where there is hatred, let me sow love; …injury, pardon….  …doubt, faith….  …despair, hope….            …darkness, light….”  If we do so out of love of God and our brethren then it is Christ who brings love, pardon, faith, hope, light, and joy through us to the world.  “…It is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born into eternal life.”

  We are the Body of Christ on earth.  If you read the accounts of the last judgment the just and wicked are separated the just on the right and the wicked on the left. Do you think that you will be in their number and hope to be on the right?  You should not be on the right or the left but there with Christ standing with Him because the last judgment is of the world, we are not of the world.  Christ will say to the just “I was hungry and you fed me.”  They reply, “when did we feed you Lord?” and Christ will point at you and say “what you did for him/her you did for me.”

Christ said that He sends us into the world like sheep among wolves…  What do wolves do to sheep? He said that we need to be wise and know what we are doing. So if someone slaps you on one cheek (unless you really deserved it) because you are Christian then offer them the other cheek.  We should know that (unless we react with anger and thoughts of vengeance) it is Christ who takes it personally. 

If you read the Acts it is mentioned during the trial of St. Stephen (who was later stoned to death) that Stephen mentions that he sees Christ standing at the right hand of God.  So I guess He does not always sit at the right hand of God but stands from time to time just as you would if a son or someone you love was running for the goal line.

Each one of us is priests.  We don’t offer the sacrifice of the mass or forgive sins in the Name of Jesus. Notice the priest does not cry out in the name of Jesus this or that but acts in the Name of Jesus saying “This is my Body” or “I forgive you all your sins.”  Our priesthood is that of offering our lives to God and our priestly prayer is:

 The Morning Offering. 

 Father, may I offer Thee this day all my prayers, works, joys, and  sufferings for the Honor and Glory of Thy Name, for the advancement of Thy Kingdom and Thy Reign.  May I live this day through, with and in Thy Only Begotten Son in the unity of the Holy Spirit In reparation for the offense committed against His most Sacred Heart  and against the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the conversion of Poor sinners and assumption of the Holy Souls into full union with Thee in Heaven



 “The more one learns the more one realizes how little one knows.” This is taken as an indication of maturity

 But I believe it is also The Fountain of Youth.